Sound Meditation: Himalayan Singing Bowls

Experience the Healing Vibrations of Sound Energy

The use of singing bowls is very popular as a method for holistic wellness. Some benefits include:
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Deep relaxation and pain relief
  • Increased mental and emotional clarity
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Lower blood pressure and improved circulation

Take a moment to calm your mind, relax your body, and renew your soul with the healing vibrations and heavenly tones of Himalayan singing bowls.

Bowl Details:

  • Inch Size - ### Hz Frequency
  • Inch Size - ### Hz Frequency
  • Inch Size - ### Hz Frequency

Course Curriculum

  Meditation #01
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Eternity Philops, Community Organizer
Eternity Philops, Community Organizer

Yoga Alliance E-RYT: Continuing Education Provider
Certified Hatha & Kemetic Yoga Teacher
Professional Self Development Coach

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