Asana Lesson 02: Standing Forward Folds

Step-By-Step Guidance on Yoga Postures & Movements

Lesson Summary

Standing forward folds are a great way to get a deep stretch in the back and to work core muscles. Because the head is positioned lower than the hips and waist, standing forward folds are also considered inversion poses, so students must be careful during practice to avoid blood rush to/from the head. This lesson reviews multiple forms of standing forward folds and gives different ways of engaging.

For this lesson, you'll need the following:
- Yoga mat
- Yoga blocks
- Yoga strap

Your Instructor

Eternity Philops, Community Organizer
Eternity Philops, Community Organizer

Yoga Alliance E-RYT: Continuing Education Provider
Certified Hatha & Kemetic Yoga Teacher
Professional Self Development Coach